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Evershine use online payroll and attendance system to support our  services. Comply with Taiwan’s labor and tax regulations. We have three service patterns (code: F, B, S) in Payroll and Attendance Service. This includes all industries and all situations.

Manager Ms. Kerry Chen, USA Graduate School Alumni & a well-English speaker
E-mail:  tpe4ww.prl@evershinecpa.com
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Our Service Coverage
Online payroll and attendance system for supporting our services
* File for listing and de-listing of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance and Labor Pension.
* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime
*  Calculation of Gross salary  to net-cash salary
– Labor Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
– Health  insurance  Charge paid by the company and employee
– Second-generation Health Insurance paid by the company and employee
– Pension Fund Charge paid by the company and employee
-Withholding tax
* Salary wire transferring services, delivering payment slip to each employee, accepting query from each employee.
* Paying withholding tax to  Tax bureau.
* Paying Health & Labor insurance  fee and  Labor Pension to relevant competent Government Bureau.
* Annual accumulation salary income and withholding tax report to Tax Bureau.
* Year-end insurance premium certificate
* Severance pay application
*Other  Payroll Relevant services:
–Expatriates Work Permit application in Taiwan
–Expatriates Resident Visa  (ARC)Application in Taiwan
–Local Services for expatriates like airport pick-up, hotel and renting, bank account etc,.

Our Online Payroll Management System includes the following modules:
* Online Basic Data collection
*  Payroll Parameter collection
* Online Leave  authorization
* Online Overtime authorization
* Scheduling Module
* Online Clocking authorization
* Payroll  Gross-to-Net Calculation
* Online Proposal authorization
* Online Pay slip
* Annual personnel Tax
* Custom tailor made if necessary
* Salary wire transferring services through local web banking function authorized by three roles including “Maker”, “Reviewer” &  “Approver”. Evershine staff will play “Maker” role.

Three service Patterns for  our Payroll and Attendance services:
We have three service Patterns (code: F, B, S) in Payroll and Attendance Service. This includes all industries and all situations.
F: All use Evershine payroll module; and attendance 4 modules: scheduling, clocking, leave, overtime.
B: Using Evershine payroll module. You will use your own scheduling and clocking modules. Batch Cross Check will be handled by Evershine.
S: You only use some modules (complete = 5 modules for salary, scheduling, clocking, leave and overtime), Or although you use  5 complete modules by yourself, but for some reasons,  there are provided by different vendors of the system, data can not be integrated, Batch Cross Check will be assigned  to Evershine for  processing it.
Please refer to: 3 service patterns for payroll attendance in Taiwan.

How do we collaborate with your subsidiary staff to do payroll processing job?

First, your staff will use Online Payroll Management System, designed by Evershine, to provide accurate information
1. Using Evershine system, your employees can fill in salary-related information, such as fixed salary, non-fixed salary, Leave data, Overtime data, “Last year’s average monthly salary”, Bank account information, E-mail Address, etc.
2. If you have your own human resource management system, you can provide us your monthly gross salary file for us to upload them in our salary management system.

Second, we use the Payroll Calculation Module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet
1. 3 days before payday, in accordance with data files provided by your staff, we use Payroll Calculation Module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet. It includes:
* Social Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
* Housing Fund Charge paid by the company and employee
* Withholding Tax
* Gross salary and net-cash salary
2. Monthly salary spreadsheet must be approved by your authorized personnel staff.
3. After approval, file will be uploaded to your assigned bank for direct money wiring to each employee’s bank account.

Third, we present pay slip through different delivery routes in secure ways
1. Individual pay slip delivery by email in .pdf format with encryption
2. We also allow each employee to check his/her own pay slip through cloud server.
3. Questions and clarifications are handled by our personnel over the phone.

Payroll Compliance Regulations in Taiwan
1. Once an employee is on board, he/she needs to apply for Social Insurance on the 1st day. If an employee wishes to leave the company, he/she must file her removal from social insurance.
2. Payroll for each employee includes taxable salary and tax-free salary. Taxable salary must pay withholding income tax with rates varying according to the number of his/her dependents. Income tax withheld by company must be paid to the Tax Bureau before the 10th day of following month.
3. Each employee must have labor insurance, health insurance, and pension fund. Except when an employee bear his/her portion fees, employers have to undertake most of them. Payments shall be made to the Bureau of Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance Council and the Employee Pension Board before the 15th day of the following month.

Payroll Compliance Map in Taiwan

WWT -Payroll Withholding
-The state tax shall be withheld according to the form.
-DF (Deposit First) will pay monthly and then report at the end of January of the following year.
-Staff payroll withholding tax should be paid to the Treasury before the 10th day of the month following the pay-off date, in the form of OTC, EFT contributions.
-Because the monthly contributions are aggregated, the IRS does not know the details of each person.
-The total amount of salary received by each employee and the total amount withheld must be reported electronically to the Inland Revenue Department by the end of January of each year in respect of all kinds of income –declared. And withholding vouchers for employees.
-Download Trade-Van software for Payment Withholding https://tax.nat.gov.tw/tax-making.html
-You can print payment slip to bank OTC and you can also make various electronic transfer payment (EFT).https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain/
-Taiwan does not require corporate Bank accounts to be opened in the  Taiwan’s local bank

BVF -Social Welfare for Employees
-Government will conduct the welfare totally. Employer’s share, employee’s % and government’s % burden.
-The employer may apply to the Bureau of Labor Insurance or apply for the Employer’s Certificate Number at https://edesk.bli.gov.tw/aa/ on the website.
-FF (Filing First) claims maintenance followed by monthly contributions.
-Workers’ social benefits in Taiwan include labor insurance, health insurance, workers’ pensions and, since 2015, 2nd Generations of health insurance have been added because of the lack of health insurance premiums. The declaration method is that the enterprise will fill in the employee’s information to the Bureau of Labor and Social Security, by them to verify. You must report to the Bureau of Labor and Social Security within 7 days after your employment or dismissal.
-Bureau of Labor Insurance: website https://edesk.bli.gov.tw/aa/
-NHI’s website https://eservice.nhi.gov.tw/nhiweb1/system/mLoginCa.aspx
-After the Bureau of Labor Insurance approved the payment letter Email or paper to the enterprise, according to this amount, the enterprise shall pay monthly payments.
-The three employees have different authorities for social welfare and there are different bank accounts, which need to be paid to three different bank accounts.
-You can print payment slip to bank OTC and you can also make various electronic transfer payment (EFT).  You may also apply to the Local Bank of Taiwan for automatic deduction (ACH) upon receipt of a demand note.

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If you need Payroll Compliance Service in Taiwan, please contact  Kerry Chen:
Manager Ms. Kerry Chen, USA Graduate School Alumni & a well-English speaker
E-mail: tpe4ww.prl@evershinecpa.com
Tel No.: +886-2-27170515 E600
Mobile: +886-939-357-000
Skype: oklahomekerry

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Taiwan Tax Benefit

For enterprises that received approval for this tax benefit, the withholding tax rate on its income from Taiwan will be reduced from 20% to 3% or 2%.
Businesses whose headquarters are outside of Taiwan must apply for the tax benefit described in Article 25 of Income Tax Act with the Ministry of Finance and 15% of its business revenue within Taiwan would be the taxable income.


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